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Why Should We Use Corrugated Boxes for packaging?

If you are unknown about the most popular packing way then you are in the right place. Buy Online Corrugated Boxes have a huge demand nowadays and the main reason is their quality where users don’t have to compromise with it. Many people are confused about corrugated boxes and cardboard then let me clarify that both are different and made up of different materials. So just stay with us and we will provide you the complete information about corrugated boxes.

What are Corrugated Boxes?

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Corrugated Boxes are made up of three layers of material, which provides extra protection at the time of shipping. There is an inside layer and an outside layer with a medium in the middle for making it sturdy. These boxes are lightweight than cardboard and will be the best option for those who go with a significant number of packages...

Generally, it will be a risk to pack items in cardboard and requires a lot of protection for shipping them safely but corrugated boxes are convenient and lightweight, which makes the whole work easier. It doesn’t matter how the weather is outside, the products in corrugated boxes are fully safe and will be shipped to the location in a proper shape. Now if you are looking to buy Packaging Material in India then samypackaging will be a great option where users will get packing boxes they are looking for.

Many companies are dealing in online packing material but we cannot trust anyone easily and we should also know about the packing material in which all the items are getting packed. When we are shifting from one place to another, we need to pack all the items carefully because those are not only items but are the memories that we are bringing with us to our new home. So let us know why should we go with Corrugated boxes for packing purposes.

 Benefits of Corrugated Boxes

As we have seen that most of the American packing companies are using corrugated boxes for shipping instead of cardboard boxes. There are a lot of benefits of using corrugated boxes, let us know more about it.

# Protection

Corrugated Boxes are providing more protection than cardboard boxes, the items will be under full protection in corrugated boxes. They act as a cushion inside so that there is no risk of getting damages. Corrugated boxes are free from bacteria and moisture so that the food items can stay fresh for a longer time because shipping may take a long time sometimes.

# Not Expensive

One of the main reasons for using corrugated boxes is that they are available at a very affordable price. It is very cheap as compared to cardboard boxes and the labour cost for these boxes is also low because of its lightweight. It doesn’t demand huge manufacturing costs and another reason for its low price is that it can easily recycle. If an item is getting recycles then there will be no cost add-on for buy the material, so it will be very affordable.

# Lightweight and Biodegradable

Corrugated boxes are often lightweight and make the work of carrying box easier. Now there will be no risk of getting any type of damage because these boxes are always light to carry and we don’t need to bear high expenses. So it will be very beneficial to carry without compromising the safety of the products. Another benefit is that it is biodegradable so there will be no harm to the environment because it will not throw once usage finishes, it will get disposed of and recycle again, which makes it environment-friendly. There is no use of any bleach or colour in manufacturing these boxes, so there will be no wastage.

# Flexibility

It offers flexibility to all the users because it can be manufactured in different sizes and weights, which allows keeping any products for packing. It can be prepared either single, double, or triple layers as per the protection demands. So this is one of the best options available in the market. Flexibility ensures different types of products can be easily kept in these boxes without having any type of risk.

# Branding

It will be very helpful in doing branding for our business, it can be easily customized with your brand name on the box that will help to leave an amazing impression on your customers. The branding also provides a professional look to the boxes, which will help to gain loyalty from our customers.

Where to buy Corrugated boxes?

Now we know why should we go with corrugated boxes, the main question is that where we will get the best online packaging material? Will we get these corrugated boxes online? So the answer is Yes, we will get these boxes online at Samypackaging is dealing in all types of the corrugated boxes of different sizes, so users will get a variety of options at this place. They are delivering their product in Chandigarh, Mohali, and many other local areas.

So if you are a seller and selling your products on Amazon and Flipkart then you don’t need to worry about it because has different types of boxes with different designs and users will get a lot of options on this platform. As we know that showing attractive things to customers is a new trend. Almost every company has designers who are working to provide some innovative designs to their customers so that their unboxing can be done effectively.

Just like Samypackaging has also some amazing designers who are working to provide the best packaging designs to their customers for making the best reputation. They have a target to attract as many eyes as possible and this trend has set an amazing benchmark in the market. This trend has increased the demand for corrugated boxes because designs can happen on the boxes efficiently. Now let us know why should we buy corrugated boxes from

buy packaging material online in India


Why should we choose for corrugated boxes?

#  Different Sizes

If we are selling our products at different places and have different sizes of products then we should have a variety of boxes with different sizes so that users don’t have to go anywhere else. Samypackaging is dealing in different sizes where users don’t have to compromise with the quality. There is no need to pack small items in big boxes, users will easily get the perfect size corrugated boxes for keeping the items inside them without letting any damage happen.

# Designs

Samypackaging has some expert designers who are always working to create different designs that can be printed on corrugated boxes. The designers are always busy and looking for new designs so that their customers can always trust them. We all want to increase the loyalty of our business and the packaging design plays a very important role in gaining that loyalty. Users will get customized corrugated boxes with the best quality and Samypackaging are the leading online seller of these types of boxes.

# Delivery on Time

They have the best quality product, which is always delivered on time, as they value their customer’s time. Many companies in the market will start preparing once you get the order, which will be a time-consuming process. But here, they have bulk orders and that’s why they always have stock ready to deliver to their customers. Now if the company already has ready products then they will always deliver your boxes within time.

# Bursting Strength

Samypackaging deals with optimum GSM ( Gram per square ), which means the total amount of ply used in making corrugated boxes. They use an optimum amount, which ensures durability. The number of ply and flute paper are the main things that enhance the durability of the boxes. It helps in boosting the bursting strength, which means that it can handle a good amount of pressure of the items kept inside the box.

# Costing

Budget plays a big role while choosing any product and Samypackaging takes care of a user’s pocket. They are providing corrugated boxes at a very affordable price. The price of the boxes depends upon the size of the box but users can compare the price with other services, you will be able to find that Samypackaging is providing the best services. Almost all the companies have added their product price on the website, so the price comparison can be done very easily. 

# Protection

Protection is a necessary point that we need to look and Samypackaging is providing the best protection for the products a user will keep inside the box. All the corners of the boxes will be covered through cushions so that no damage can happen from vibration. So users don’t have to worry if the package is mishandled or falls on the floor, it will be protected.

Bottom Line

Corrugated boxes have a huge demand nowadays and cardboard boxes are getting very limited. As there are a lot of advantages of corrugated boxes or cardboard, they are also available at a very affordable price, and also a good choice to keep our environment healthy.

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