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Hi there, have you ever packed any boxes for yourself or for someone else? If yes, then how do you use to close the box, with a tape, right? Sometimes we find it very difficult to close it with a tape that is not adhesive enough. But here we have a good solution for you.

We at SAMY Packaging have good quality packing tapes for you. The great adhesive formula of tapes makes them super tapes which seal the boxes in a great manner. These packaging Tapes or Box sealing tapes are pressure sensitive tapes that are used for closing corrugated boxes. These tapes consist of a pressure-sensitive adhesive coat onto a backing material which is usually Polyester film which is oriented to have strength in both directions -long and cross. The most common width of these tapes are two to three inches.

These tapes are often transparent or tan-colored or you must be familiar with brown or beige color tapes, you can also buy brown colored tapes online from our website. But here in SAMY PACKAGING many more colored and printed tapes are also available. You can buy Amazon and Flipkart custom printed tapes online with us. You can buy packaging tapes online with us. If you are planning to buy it from a store, then you can search for our nearby store to make the purchase.

These are used universally for a variety of packaging applications, and our tapes have excellent adhesion and stand out in any pressure and high temperature. They provide complete protection to packaging during shipping and rough handling. These tapes are durable with long shelf life and high adhesion to any surface like paper, wood, plastic, fiber, metal, etc. The excellent adhesive backing provides a strong grip. 

As we have shared with you that we have customized printing available with many colors which further makes you relaxed about it that you are here getting every color which you want. We are not offering you limited color, we have wide variety for you. 

Beneficial for your business

If you want to stand out from every other craft shipping company, and have a very limited budget, then not to worry. We are the solution to your problems. We have a wide range of tapes which are very economical to your pocket. Customize printing is one of the best solutions for you, as it pulls double duty not only as sealing tape but as branding of your business. You can print the logo on the tapes and then use them on the boxes to seal them, to protect them. So now you know that you can buy customized printed tapes online with us.

You may have noticed that in some cases standard tape isn't the best option, when the carton or the box is too heavy to handle. In such cases there is risk of tape to loosen up or to tore. But for such cases we are providing you the tapes which are providing the most strength and sealing power to reduce every risk of damage and these are also very cost effective and are used to secure the double wall boxes.

When you are just looking to seal the shipping boxes, there are many types of packaging tapes to choose. Basically, what you look for, a tape which provides the reliable seal and should be quick, which has the strength to stand out the heavy-duty boxes and long shipping, and which helps you to deter the theft. Our high-quality tapes are covering all these concerns of you.

We are the leading online tapes wholesaler in India and we have stock available for you. Any time you can place your order online for Packaging tapes. You will get it delivered to you on time. We assure you will enjoy doing business with us. We have good quality products and services for you. 

Now we believe that we have given you the solution to all your concerns. So now what are you waiting for? Go and place your order online of your choice of tapes.

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